Be Safe Be Seen

Our school were recently visited by two police officers from Police Scotland. They came to talk to us in assembly about the importance of being seen in the dark. As winter is now fully upon us it is important that we wear high viz clothing and reflectors to help cars see us in the dark. This helps us to stay safe and helps to prevent accidents.

We were lucky enough to be given high viz snap bands and bag reflectors from the police while they were visiting. The JRSOs had a hard afternoon of sorting these out for all the classes in the school.


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Thank you to the primary 6 JRSO and some of their helpers who were responsible for delivering these to the classes, along with a speech about the importance of being seen at night!


Getting Started

Our Junior Road Safety Officers (JRSO) group met once last term and began to discuss what the role of a JRSO involves and what reponsibilties we have as a group. Here are some of the ideas that we came up with!


Term 2 – Meeting 1 – 31st October 2014

We have just had our first meeting of term two and today the JRSOs thought that it was important that we discussed staying safe when walking and cyclying in the dark. The nights are getting darker earlier and we discussed how it is important to be seen while out and about.

We suggested that when out walking ensure that you wear bright clothing and high viz so that cars can see us easily in the dark. We also discussed the importace of having lights on our bikes when cycling in the dark. Being seen in the dark helps to keep you safe and prevent accidents happening. Today we began to design posters to display around the school to make everyone aware of how to be safe in the dark.

The primary 7 pupils in our JRSO group also shared with us some of the bike safety training that they have been recieving this week. They have been very lucky that two voulenteers from the Velocity Cafe have come into the school to teach them all about bike safety, even being taught how to repair a tyre puncture! Next week on Monday and Thursday our primary 7s will comlete their training and are lucky to have their bikes fitted with free lights.

On behalf of the primary 7s and their teachers we would like to say a huge thank you to Penny and Duncan from Velocity for coming to our school and taking the time to teach us about very important bike safety!